Our vision is to change the way the world does business by offering the next generation of industry-focused, knowledge-based business transformation services solutions.

We help our customers through-
  • Exceptional transformation expertise
  • Contextual business services and cut through ambiguity
  • Making transformation real and tangible
  • Ensuring the journey is as smooth and rewarding as possible

Our clients leverage the powerful integration of our expertise, intellectual property, tools and guidance to establish world-class services, enable a structured discipline to transforming operational domains, empower own staff to initiate and lead change, and ensure continuous improvement of spend, staffing, service delivery and compliance measures year-over-year.

Our competency extends our cutting edge work of past two decades in establishing and leading successful practices at companies like Dell, Exxon Mobil, Siemens, General Electric, Cisco etc. with service transformation initiatives involving hundreds of millions of dollars in spend, offered from anywhere in the world

Obsession with results!
  • Global presence with offices in US, Europe, Asia and Middle-East
  • Privately-held and Profitable
  • Significant Investment in R&D for Process Transformation
  • Over 50 Client Engagements in Global 2000 Category
  • Recognized by World Economic Forum among an exclusive list of Top 100 Global Growth Leaders